beyond event horizons
Progress civilization
by means of radical technological innovations
Reshape world society, politics and economics
known as “event horizons”
Prepare the humanity for tech singularities


We are a small private foundation and a task force that creates or supports initiatives and projects that can potentially change the world at the large scale by means of technology and drastic innovations.

Minimum Necessary Change

How do we plan to achieve such an ambitious goal? By employing the “minimum necessary change” principle. The principle comes from Isaac Asimov’s The End of Eternity story and basically says that even the most global changes can be traced back to the very tiniest of things, and small changes made by common humans can change the course of history.


Applied Chaos and Nonlinearity

Being described in science fiction the principle is in fact deeply grounded in real science. According to complexity science there are times when the behaviour and the future of complex systems (like our civilization) depends on tiny changes in parameters. You probably have heard of the Butterfly effect – another popular description of the same idea.


Historical Evidence for the Principle

There are a lot of historical illustrations for the principle. How our world would look like if Euclid hadn’t wrote Elements? Would we have made such a technological progress if Einstein had not come to his relativity principles or Schrodinger had not made his works? Furthermore, can you imagine what modern innovations like Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum could make for the future of the world and our society? These are the examples of “minimum necessary change” principle in practice.

TL;DR: You can think of Event Horizons as of a private civilian DARPA and a kind of Jonh Galt’s initiative for the coming transhuman age

Our Activities


Educating society by popularizing progressory ideas


Seed funding selected projects in our fields of interest


Researching new economic models


Being the driving force for political and social initiatives


Bringing like-minded individuals together

Fields of Interest

These fields express values that are highly important to us and present the basis for our mission.


Peernomics: stability through independent diversity

  • Mesh networks
  • Distributed autonomous organizations
  • Cryptoprivacy
  • Individual rights and personal sovereignty


Post-scarcity economy and information capital

  • Smart contracts
  • Responsibility to the responsible and non-governmental contract enforcements
  • Post-scarcity economic theory


  • Artificial intelligence extending human intelligence
  • Brain-computer interfaces
  • Human enhancements

Political & Social Systems

Political system and social institutions able to adopt such changes, like

  • non-gonvernmental states
  • peer meritocratic socienty